Social Services Department

Community Outreach

The Social Services department participated in the "Back to School" outreach this month at Eliza Shirley, one of the city's shelters, which houses homeless parents and children and is located at 1320 Arch Street.

The families needed school supplies for the beginning school semester. Books bags were donated to the shelter but no supplies to put in them. On behalf of our church organization the Social Services department put together school supply packages for all grade levels and donated them to the shelter.

The program director, Ms. Marie Chiarrocchi was pleasantly surprised to get a call from us asking if they needed supplies. We told her that we had packages to donate and that the packages were divided up by grade appropriate. Ms. Chiarrocchi indicated that she would gladly accept the supplies. She had book bags but no supplies, and she didn't know where she would get them. Mrs Chiarrochi stated that the Lord answered her prayer and thanked us.

The social services department delivered the school supplies to the shelter and they were received with much appreciation. We are happy that through the grace of God we were able to help those children who were in need, making it possible for them to start their school semester prepared and ready to learn.

Stay tuned because more outreach information will be coming soon!

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