Social Services Department

Brief Overview of Social Services and Current Activities

Administered by Headquarters Social Services

  • Management of Senior Healthcare

  • Monitoring immediate needs of residents of Apostolic Village as well as general members, assist residents in resolving problems with medical & healthcare needs and maintaining medical information for use in accessing services and for emergencies

  • Tenant Meetings – specific to Apostolic Village residents, it is a forum that allows residents to address housing issues and specific concerns, related to the older adults. In-house and area agencies’ representatives attend and facilitate workshops which relate to a specific concern

  • Ordering specialized equipment and supplies

  • Ordering medication and educating members on their medical conditions, purpose of and use of medications

  • Maintaining medical history records


Administered by Headquarters and Local Churches


  • Assessments and referrals to appropriate levels of nursing care, (rehabilitation/nursing home care)

  • Assistance with selecting adequate medical and healthcare coverage

  • Follow-up with appointments and phone calls in reference to members utilizing in-house and outside service agencies and/or representatives

  • Provide in-house counseling (Lady Marie Price, LCSW) or referral to area counseling facilities to address members who are experiencing marriage, substance abuse and/or psychological problems

  • Handle emergencies (temporary housing, food bank, accessing  needed medications, specialized medical treatment, deaths etc.)

  • Sunshine Club- volunteer members facilitate quarterly gatherings of senior and disabled members who reside in nursing homes or are homebound, by bringing them to special functions setup to allow them the ability to fellowship with other members.  The object of these gatherings are to remind them that they are not forgotten and allow them time to visit with family and friends.
Projected Activities for 2010

  • Establish supportive program and services for senior and physically challenged members

  • Purchase a handicap accessible vehicle to transport physically challenged members to and from church services and special functions

  • Develop a support group for members who have and their families (substance abuse recovery, parents of children with special needs)  Group members can share information, ideas and life experiences that could be helpful in coping with the stresses and daily challenges in their lives

    • Develop a neighborhood soup kitchen and food bank to help provide nutritional provisions for the homeless and low income families

    • Become aware of what services other faith-based organizations provide in an effort to develop a more extensive service system, based on the needs of the body, mind and spirit of those who we will serve

  • Ordering medication and educating members on their medical conditions, purpose of and use of medications

  • Maintaining medical history records